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Our goals

At Adhikaar Aotearoa, we know that a big picture is always good, but we need smaller, more specific purposes to get us to the end goal. In light of this, we have seven key principles that direct what we do and how we do it.

To diversify the realm of queerness and sex and gender diversity in Aotearoa New Zealand

When people think queer and/or gender diverse, a particular image, one that does not include people of colour, comes to mind. We want to challenge the “norm” and diversify the realm of queerness and gender diversity in Aotearoa New Zealand, so the image that comes to mind represents our communities. This is also important so our communities can see themselves reflected everywhere where queerness and gender diversity is.

To provide support, education, and advocacy in pursuance of equity for LGBTQIA+ people of colour, specifically South Asians, in Aotearoa New Zealand

Having a goal is great, however, it is the tools of the trade that make a difference. For us, we have three. First, with support mechanisms, we will ensure our communities can have their potentials realised. Second, with culturally responsive education for families, NGOs and LGBTQIA+ individuals, we will ensure our communities are surrounded by a populace that understands their reality. Lastly, with advocacy through government and NGOs, we will ensure our communities get the service provision and attention they deserve. 

To foster black and brown inclusive queerness and sex and gender diversity in Aotearoa

LGBTQIA+ people of colour constitute the largest group of LGBTQIA+ persons globally, yet, if you look at popular queer and gender diverse culture, it would be hard-pressed to see this reality. We want to build queerness and gender diversity that includes brown and black bodies, psyches, experiences and aspirations. This way, our communities will start to see themselves reflected. Also, the larger LGBTQIA+ community of all races and ethnicities could thrive by celebrating diversity. 

To reclaim pride and reconciliation with ethnicity, queerness and sex and gender diversity

A common experience of LGBTQIA+ people of colour is feeling the need to choose between their sexuality/gender diversity and their ethnicity. Our ancestors never had to make this choice. Diverse sexualities and genders were accepted in many of our pre-colonial societies and we want to reclaim the pride they had and gain reconciliation with our multiple identities.

To foster a sense of community among LGBTQIA+ ethnic people

Because many LGBTQIA+ people of colour, specifically South Asians, have their identities concealed, they often lack the sense of community and support structures that come with it, that other LGBTQIA+ people have. We want to engage with and undertake community-building efforts so our people can have friendly faces to turn to when they need it. 

To nurture a critical awareness of various forms of marginalisation and discrimination

We are not just here to gain equity for our current generations of LGBTQIA+ people of colour, but future generations and other marginalised groups, as well. We will do this by using the academic side of our personality to critically assess and engage with multiple forms of marginalisation to ensure our activities are intersectional in nature. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “no one is free until we are all free.”

To network with and nurture collaborations with LGBTQIA+ people of colour across the world

While our main activities will occur within Aotearoa New Zealand, we will also engage our friends across the world. Sadly, 83% of LGBTQIA+ people globally are in the closet (click for reference) and while there is still a lot of work to be done in Aotearoa New Zealand, we can use our relative privilege to awhi (support) the efforts of our friends overseas who are trying to bring this number down. Most importantly, learn from one another in this exchange and build solidarity across borders and boundaries. Solidarity and collaborative work are foundational to Adhikaar Aotearoa.

What we do


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