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Support is all about making sure you are there when someone needs it. 

For us, it is about listening, caring, encouraging and organising with a profound sense of connectedness and shared queer politics. It is about ensuring no one feels alone or left out should they seek connections. It is about travelling with someone in their journeys of self-realisation. 

Support is the cornerstone of Adhikaar Aotearoa. We want an Aotearoa where LGBTQIA+ people of colour, particularly South Asians, can be themselves, free of fear and stigma, and explore their potential while challenging discrimination against them. We use support to make sure that we meet this vision.

Our support programme is for all LGBTQIA+ people of colour. We will deliver support to persons and communities in various ways; community building exercises, in-person and online events, creating and sharing resources, providing referral services, and working with other organisations in this space to amplify the work they are doing. 

Please use the contact form and we will get back to you to talk through your specific situations.


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