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Our Values & Politics

Our Values

The values that guide Adhikaar Aotearoa include; 


  • We value our relationships;
  • We treat people with kindness;
  • We look after each other; and
  • We create an environment that fosters belonging.


  • We are passionate about our shared missions;
  • We own what we do; and
  • We want to make a difference and leave a positive legacy.


  • We aspire to identify our potentials;
  • We aspire to have a critical eye;
  • We aspire to engage for the better;
  • We aspire to create conscious public; and
  • We aspire to be innovative and creative in our engagements.

Accountability and Transparency

  • Our policies and practices ensure transparency and accountability;
  • We welcome constructive criticisms and critiques;
  • We would not hesitate to be self-critical and critical of our engagements; and
  • Based on constructive criticisms, we would make necessary changes where applied.

Our Politics

Adhikaar Aotearoa is motivated by: i) critical, inclusive and innovative resistance to the imposition, tacit or otherwise, of western queer coloniality; ii) nurturing the desire to share, learn and change; and iii) community-building based on shared experiences of challenging normative and discriminatory beliefs and practices. 

The politics of Adhikaar Aotearoa is shaped by the following, and it will continue to evolve;

  • Feminisms and queer theory of colour;
  • Everyday queerness in all forms, colours and shapes;
  • Intersectional views on oppression;
  • Diversity in sex, gender, sexuality and ethnicity; and 
  • Anti-casteism.

What we do


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